De Robertis e Della Bella, new blitz at the Van Gogh Museum

Antonio De Robertis, knowned as van Gogh’ scholar leader at international level and his close collaborator Emanuele Della Bella, on tuesday 2 October, performed a protesting “blitz”, the second after the other one done in 4 July 2017, during the press conference of Gauguin and Laval exhibition in Martinique, that will open on  friday 5 October.
It was 4 p.m. when they fixed in the external side of the glass windows Musem’ facade, a18 meters long  banner, with a spectacular action, under the astonished eyes of the visitors.
The Museum security asked for Police intervention.
The Police intervened one hour after the banner e yet  exhibited.
The “blitz”, was the cause of 2 hours’ delay, because of the Police request for removal of the banners, as iIt is possible to see in  photos and videos in which a change of conduct was strongly requested, as the Museum is since time more interested in the business and promotion of the brand name “Vincent”,  that in research studies.



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